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Leadership and Sustainability

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About This Course

The objective is to maximize your exposure to real leadership cases in driving sustainability. In the process, you will generate intrinsic motivation to delve into the understanding of related issues, develop the right values for ethical and responsible management and be prepared to become change agents. This course will facilitate self-transformation in yourselves, developing a right mindset to serve responsible management practices with the goal in achieving sustainability for our future. It is this kind of ‘transform-synthesis’ that will equip you to understand and meet the ecological, social and economic opportunities of our time.

Course Objectives

• Develop your leadership and followership skills required to implement changes.
• Sharpen your strategic thinking and problem solving skills when challenged to provide solutions.
• Allow you to discover the success of sustainability practices through research methods to compile a solution presentation for a mock conference.
• Awaken your leadership awareness and deepen your strong sense of responsibility, work ethics and care for communities.

Course Staff

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Susanna Chui

Susanna has a taught a range of management and marketing related modules. At the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, the modules she teaches include Advanced Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship and Principles of Management. She had lectured for other management courses which included leadership, corporate social responsibility (CSR), business communication and organizational behavior for 7 years at the Hong Kong Baptist University School of Business. She also taught consumer behavior, principles of marketing and data marketing at City University of Hong Kong.

Susanna has completed her PhD in Leadership at the Durham University Business School in the United Kingdom. She holds a Master of Research Degree in Leadership with University of Exeter (UK). Her first MA degree in Mass Communications Research was obtained from University of Leicester (UK) and she holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from University of York (UK).

Before Susanna started to embark on an academic career, she had a wealth of experience in the business context as a communication manager and specialist. These include a series of communication areas in merger communications, brand building, customer relations, media relations, community relations, event management and marketing communications.