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GAP: Grammar Awareness Platform

About This Course

With the emergence of technologies, e-learning has been springing up, and universities are encouraged to incorporate e-learning into the curricula as well as the teaching and learning process. To respond to this University goal, the VPAR Office supports the Department of English and the Centre for Teaching and Learning to develop the first-ever e-learning module on the application of basic English grammar and syntax in various communicative contexts.

This first e-learning platform, namely Grammar Awareness Platform (GAP), is intended for offering additional English language assistance to students who need extra language support. Through presenting videos on common English mistakes made by Hong Kong students in everyday communicative contexts, GAP consolidates students’ knowledge of grammar items and sentence structure for university study. It also offers online tasks to students to apply advanced grammar and syntax knowledge in communication on the micro- and macro-levels. To facilitate self-directed learning, the e-learning module will also be open to the wider student population at HSUHK via the online platform when it is fully developed.

GAP includes various grammar topics such as articles, gerunds and to-infinitives, modal verbs, tenses, and question formation. Each topic comprises videos teaching basic concepts and follow-up interactive tasks complementary to the teaching content of the videos, which could provide instant rectifications to students’ language problems. This lively online course can not only offer an intensive recap on the basic English knowledge that lays the foundation for our students to advance their English learning, but also enliven their learning process.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand and apply grammar structure in different contexts;
  • Enhance English communication competence; and
  • Use online resources for self-directed English language learning

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1
Dr. Amy Kong
Senior Lecturer
Department of English
Telephone: 39635-575

Course Staff Image #1
Dr. Heidi Wong
Department of English
Telephone: 39635-132